Plugins for sketchup pro

Hi, Is there a plugin or extension? (not sure how these work) that would enable me to take files into sketchup. In particular, i am trying to move KML or GPX into SketchUp pro.
Even if I could take google earth file into sketchup would be of benefit.

Google Earth’s terms of use prohibit using their terrain data and imagery in SketchUp. You can get terrain data and imagery through the Add Location feature, however.

Hi Dave, thank you for your reply. I am still trying to work out a way to get gps points into sketchup. So maybe kml or gpx files as i have exported these from a topo app. I have managed to get them into Google Earth or Google My Maps so I was hoping to be able to move this into sketchup.

The end result I was hoping for is to be able to walk a path in the open fields and then take that into sketchup to design the area. I thought the best way to do this would be via a gps tracking device but I really struggle with getting that info into sketchup.

Check out this:
It also has a free plan

If you add Placemarks and draw things such as outlines of areas or buildings in Google Earth, you can export them as kmz (basically a zip archive containing a kml file) without violating GE’s license terms. The export won’t contain any terrain or imagery, because that is the data that is proprietary to Google. I have an experimental importer that can load such kml into SketchUp. PM me if you would like to try it - with the understanding that it is beta code that could still have bugs.

Thank you Mike, I will give them a call and see if it is a possibility for what i am trying to achieve. It maybe too expensive when starting up.

Thank you very much for your reply and offer, I will PM.