SU 2018 - Previewing model in google earth


How do you preview sketchup models in google earth in sketchup 2018?

It seems like the workflow has changed from previous sketchup versions, and all the tutorials I see online that demonstrate how to do this are for older versions of sketchup.

I have already geo-located the model and brought in the aerial, but am having trouble exporting this to the google earth program.

Thanks in advance for any help!

You can export your SKP file as a KMZ file and open that in your local installation of Google Earth.

The tutorials you’ve been looking at are very old. Google hasn’t used SketchUp models for 3D buildings for many years and maybe 2 or 2-1/2 years ago, the location source data switched from Google Earth to Digital Globe.

Google changed their TOS such that usage of their data and imagery are prohibited in applications such as SketchUp.

Dave, thank you so much. That worked great. I don’t get to use SketchUp too often these days and was not aware of the change.

Thanks again.