SketchUp Make 2016 - Cannot Preview in Google Earth

Hello people,

I’ve juste download the last SKTUP 2016 on my Mac PRO and I don’t see the feature which allows an overview of a model on google earth. Is it permanently not available or is it just a trial version lack?
I tried to export a model in .kmz and I don’t see either the file on my Mac.

Can anyone help me?

Preview in Google Earth is no more, we’re not a part of Google. When you export a kmz, it asks you what directory to put the file. And it works, so you’ll have to figure out what’s wrong with your computer.

Thanks for your reactivity. It’s very curious, I’m still able to create a kmz file with the previous version and not with sketchup 2016. I’ll try to see if the problem comes from my mac.