Import 3d buildings from google earth

I’d like to import the 3D topography and 3D buildings of my models’s nearest environment from Google Earth.
Any tutorial available?
Thank you very much

Not currently available due to Google’s terms of use for Google Earth data.

Once upon a time terrain data came from Google but a few years ago they removed that option which is why that information now comes from a different supplier.

ok Dave. some similar and available tool?

thank you

Obtén l’Outlook per a l’Android

You can use the Add Location feature to get terrain in SketchUp 2020. As for building, you might search the 3D Warehouse to see if you can find the buildings you want. Otherwise you would need to model them yourself. Even if Google allowed the use of the Google Earth content, the 3D buildings aren’t created in a form that can be imported into SketchUp.

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According to Michael Brightman there is a plug-in that will populate the terrain with the buildings. It is called PlaceMaker … and you can check it out here: PlaceMaker
FYI … This is NOT an endorsement of PlaceMaker. I have never used it … I don’t even know if it actually works. And I have no business relationship with PlaceMaker or BrightmanDesigns … I am just passing along a link to something that looks interesting.

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PlaceMaker does have the capability to add 3D buildings but I don’t believe the data comes from Google Earth.

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I’ve done it using this before, but the process changed a bit since they first released it and the steps are now beyond my understanding of computers. It is possible though!

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Placemaker is the best thing that’s happened in ages! You can look at 3D Warehouse but the bldg’s you can tell were made ages ago (I did a ton of them that were published on GE in Colorado Springs and when I look at them now you can sure tell they were made w/ SketchUp from 8 years ago). I had a replica of 4 blocks of our downtown made from Placemaker and it just saves me!