Terrain for Sketchup Make?

Now that Trimble has dropped the Google Earth terrain import feature from Sketchup Make, what options are there for importing terrain? I tried installing a trial version of Placemaker, but it doesn’t import any terrain, just a flat map surface. Are there any plugins, extensions, or services available to replace the lost functionality?

Depends where you are in the world, in the UK height map data is available through the government in the form of Ordinance Survey, this data can be brought into SketchUp. I think other countries probably have something similar?

Trimble didn’t drop “the Google Earth terrain import feature from SketchUp Make.” Google removed access to their data.

As Liam indicates, you can check you local GIS resources to see what they might have to offer. You could also manually create the terrain using an imported image of a topographic map.

Try CadMapper: https://cadmapper.com/ You can get small areas for free and large for a small price. Bonus is that you get other Open Street Map data, like contours, buildings, roads, etc as well. Since it’s all done outside of SU, it doesn’t matter which version you have or whether you have access to extensions… You just open the downloaded file and you’re all set to go!