Toggle Terrain not Toggling and showing no Terrain



I’m baffled. I imported an area from Google Maps, but when I click the Toggle Terrain button, nothing happens. I’ve clicked it a thousand times now.

When I click it, it’s indicating that it’s not clicked, cause it doesn’t change color to show it’s pressed, like the images I’ve seen everywhere else.

I’m on Windows-10 and downloaded Sketcup today.

Any idea what I can try?


If you are using SketchUp Make, the only option you have for location info is a map. No terrain data or imagery.

If you are using SketchUp Pro as a trial (I know your profile indicates Make), you would be able to get terrain data and imagery. Terrain data is not available in some locations, especially at higher latitudes. What location are you trying to import?


I’m trying to get this:

Also, I downloaded Sketchup today and I think it said it had 30 days trial for Pro.


yeah, it says:

SketchUp Make 2017 User, Pro Trial


I think I recall it is north of 60° latitude, so you are probably out of luck.


not sure I understand. If I go into Google Earth, I see terrain, mountains and all.


It may be still there, but no longer available to Sketchup. When Google transferred SketchUp fo Trimble, who now own SketchUp, Google allowed Trimble to keep using it for five years, on favourable licensing terms. The five years has expired, and the Trimble /Sketchup team have said it is no longer available at any price for use in the way SU requires.

Here was the announcement of the change:

And if you search this forum for ‘imagery’ or ‘terrain’ you will find a range of threads about the impact of the change to Digital Globe image and terrain data.


The data no longer comes from Google so it doesn’t matter what you see in Google Earth.

As John said, you’re a bit far north. Terrain comes from satellite data and the satellites don’t orbit far enough north to get the terrain for your latitude. You can see there is no terrain layer for that location.

The SketchUp team are working on a solution for that problem.

If, after your 30-day trial you are going to continue using Make, you will only get map imagery no aerial imagery or terrain from any location.


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