Importing Terrain from Google Earth?


Using SU 2014 and locating 7°26’15.68"N 80°11’32.71"W in a relatively undeveloped section of Panama. I can see the area cut into the ground on Google Maps but not on SU while locating with Google Earth Chrome? (see picture) also tried the other search engines recommended such as Explorer O and Firefox but same as Google Chrome. Is there a way to import the terrain from Google Earth?


Sorry Meant to say, “can see it on Google Earth but not on Google Chrome Maps”!


Here’s what I’m getting in Sketchup see pic wh


It’s not all that unusual that the data is different between Google Maps and Google Earth. I see that in my region, too.


Thanks Dave, Thought I saw a way to import the Terrain data from Google Earth?


Terrain or imagery has never been imported from Google Earth (although it is imprecisely said so everywhere). They were using some Google-internal APIs to Google Maps imagery and terrain data.

You can however take any aerial imagery or terrain data and import it into SketchUp. The difficult part is matching the imported imagery to the correct location.

For example in Google Earth, go to preferences and turn off terrain to reduce image distortion, then press R to orient the view vertically and North, then go to File → Export Image…
Then align the image in SketchUp using these two solutions:


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