Imported terrain from Google Earth not matching when exported



Hi, I am very new to this program and still am using my 30 day trial of pro. I am having issues with the exporting my information back to google earth.

If I drape a shape (i.e. a road) onto the imported terrain level from google earth (within sketchup) and then export the shape back to google earth, the shape doesn’t overlay onto google earth the way it does in sketch up. I have been having to offset the shape vertically anywhere from 4 to 10 feet in order to actually see it in google earth.

Is there a setting to sync up the coordinates that I am not seeing?



The terrain you’ve imported isn’t coming from Google Earth.

The terrain scaling may be different in GE than the data you are importing.


So the Geo-location grab image isn’t from GE? Is there a way to correct the scaling problem?


You’d need to talk to the Google Earth folks.


Google Earth folks…erm, really? doesn’t sound that easy to reach them…
the geo location grabs I am taking do not produce accurate geo that corresponds to the terrain as you see in real life or in Google Earth itself.


Easy or not, you need to talk to the people at the source of the data. What is the source for the imported data? If you are referring to recent imports, it may not be Google at all. Even if it is Google, you need to talk to them. SketchUp only displays the data you import.


Hi Dave, thanks a lot for your reply. I am doing the steps, geo location and selecting google data. I can see the Google watermark all over it. The maps are coming in but then when I choose “show terrain”, unfortunately the resulting geo is not accurate enough and doesn’t match what is actually displayed on google earth itself. And actually it doesn’t look like the mountains I am selecting. I’ve sent them some feedback but I doubt they will help as they have nothing to do with Sketchup. Thanks anyway.


Good luck. As I said, SketchUp can only show the data it gets. The Google data is from Maps not Earth and they might be different. Or the resolution/accuracy might be reduced in Earth to make displaying the terrain faster. In Earth you can also adjust the vertical terrain scale. You might find you need to do that.

If you have more accurate terrain data such as from a survey, you should be using that instead of the terrain data you get from Maps. Of course Earth might not agree with your survey data, either.


I’m sorry but how can you be so sure that sketchup is interpreting and showing properly the data it gets ? Why would the problem be the source data and not the recipient application ? “SketchUp can only show the data it gets”, fair enough, but how do we know sketchup shows accurately the data it gets ?

Sergio, you are importing directly from sketchup ? using the embedded google maps browser ? Which area of the globe are you using ? How do you compare Sketchup terrain and GE terrain ? In GE new browser version ? in GE free ? GE pro ? Which version of sketchup and GE are you using to compare ?


Do you have some proof SketchUp is not accurately displaying the data it gets?


No, I’m just saying that it can’t be ruled out. Could be GE, could Sketchup, could be both, or none of them, maybe it’s for a specific spot on a specific setup, we don’t have enough detail to rule out one thing from the equation…