Issue with the size of terrain (High quality) imported Vs the Actual site surveyed

I’m New to the community, but have 10+ years of experience using SketchUp, for relatively advance stuff. Today i came across a situation where I had a reference Survey cad file of a specific site, when matched to the terrain and image imported directly into Sketchup (both Bing and Digital Globe) all SD to HD resolutions, Showed 15-20 percentage error , ( imported terrain being larger). while the dimensions were cross checked in the google Earth, there is only a few inches difference.

Can the Experts here, guide me with resolving this issue.?
Is there any specific reason, where this could have gone wrong? or Should we Expect such large margin of error.

PS: I have attached some images for reference. Observe the difference in dimensions.
The units while importing cad was set as inches, the Skp file is in inches, and so is cad file.


in sketchup you’re not taking measurements in the same place.

you’re taking measurements at the wall, while in SU you’re taking them at the property limit ?
In SU, on the left, you’re in the middle of what appear to be a small creek ? while in google earth, you’re on the right. and in google earth you stop before the tree while in SU it’s almost level with the trunk.

same at the bottom, one is on the road side (SU) and the other further north.

its not much (and crudely made in paint) but 2m here, 3m there, it goes fast.
Looks like the survey was made at the perimeter walln not the boundaries you picked in SU :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.
The reference to the tree trunk is good observation, I did see that before posting. The angle from which the sat image is captured changes the way these 3d objects are seen. especially buildings.
I wish the new update should have included select region, in add location with the help of diagonally opposite co-ordinates.
I have tried my best to pick the same location points afaik.

PS: In case some one wants to try, These co ordinates of the site are taken from google earth.
top left :15°23’4.05"N 74°55’48.47"E
bottom left 15°23’6.82"N 74°55’47.53"E
bottom right : 15°23’4.99"N 74°55’51.19"E