Scale adjusting when importing terrain in SU

I have built my model in SU on flat ground. Now I want to add contours and correct geolocation. Importing the region- fine so far - but how do I get the imported terrain to match the model I have done in scale?! Should it be done when I mark the area I import? Can I adjust in to match once imported? Or should I have done this from start - too late when a model is already built in SU?

Have I managed to explain my problem?!?

I am trying to merge my model (marked) with the imported terrain (hidden geometry) - they are not same scale and I need to slide them together so everything “falls into place”…

Is it the horizontal size that is off or the vertical dimensions?

Hhhhmm both I guess? or maybe I dont understand your question? I see that the imported terrain is too small compared to the model I have done in SU
House pictured on the terrain is much smaller

Hmmm… The terrain and the image(s) should come in at the correct size. How much difference is there between your model and the imagery? What is the source of the dimensions for the house you modeled? Do you have some larger dimensions such as property borders that you can compare?

hard to tell… that is my challange to find reference points between the model I have made and imported terrain…

Is there any available “official” survey of the property that provides some dimensions?

Have you perhaps made the model using another unit than you thought you were? (Feet instead of Meters, for instance)

I read your comments/suggestions - but not sure how to proceed :exploding_head:

How would you do - trying to match considering how the terrain looks? The big lawn misses the green house which I have made on the model…

this was my very first start - downloaded from a Swedish “dont know english word for it” where you can download maps with the estate boarders… in chosen scale this one was 1:700

but as google do not have the estate boarders and the building is so blurry I really don´t know how to proceed… :melting_face:

You could try drawing some reference lines of known lengths (e.g., 20, 40, 60m) using an image (like the one you showed). Copy and paste your reference lines into another skp file. Then scale your model to your reference lines. Copy and paste your scaled model back into the skp file that has the reference lines and image.