Blender Earth Modeler Add-on | 3D Google Earth (City/Terrain) inside Blender

Does anyone know if SketchUp is working on something like this for us?

If anyone from the SketchUp team knows they wouldn’t be permitted to say. So then none of the rest of us would know either.

I was playing with the unreal engine verison of this last week. Really cool.
Google literally announced this new API (which is I a preview phase ) only a couple of weeks ago, so I doubt you’ll hear anything until the mechanics of how the tiles are paid for are finalised.

Unfortunately many of the same caveats as using google map data still apply - the current testing phase license for this doesn’t allow use of this commercially- which probably makes it an unattractive option to integrate into a professional software.

If you can get it into blender, you’ll certainly be able to get it out again.