Using a Google Earth map in a Sketchup session

I recently discovered and experimented some with using Google Earth maps in Sketchup. I’ve read posts covering the basics, but I haven’t found any relating to my particular situation. This:
In Google Earth I have grabbed the map of my property and placed it in Sketchup. I toggled the terrain, so that now I have a nice topographical representation of my place. (That in itself is pretty cool, as I now can see exactly WHY some of my groundwater runs off the way it does lol)
What I’m trying to do is use this as a foundation for making detailed 3D representations of my home and other buildings and landmarks, so I thought of a couple things. Is there a way (an extension, maybe?) that can cause the photos of my house and other things to rise up out of the picture into a 3D image, or is the metadata of the map that detailed? Seems that if it’s storing topographical data, it could also be storing dimensional data on my buildings.
Better than that, is there anything out there that will turn the entire map into a 3D image? I’m thinking of forests springing up out of the ground, power poles popping up, that sort of thing.
My whole mission is to be able to foresee how the addition or subtraction of things on my property would affect the appearance, and truthfully, also examine the security of the place.
Thanks for reading!

Addendum! After posting this I realized I hadn’t asked an important question…
As I said, I’m now looking at a topographical version of the Google Earth picture of my property. Some of the topo lines are above the baselines, some are below. If I have to draw and place my own 3D versions of my home and other things on there, how do I anchor them to the higher/lower spots, and is it possible to draw on the topo surface?

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