Google earth or google maps

Good day,
I was wondering if anyone knows of a way or if it is allowed to approach companies and be able to create models of their companies for google map searches?
Thanks in advance

Are you talking about drawing their buildings in SketchUp and submitting them to show in Google Earth? Google doesn’t accept SketchUp models for Google Earth so even if you get approval from a business to draw their building in SketchUp, it won’t show up in GE.

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Hi yes I am.
I heard it is a option in google maps but difficult to do in Google earth.

Google doesn’t accept SketchUp models and haven’t for several years. Where did you hear that they did?

It was a forum from the US. A company there says they can do it.

Maybe you ought to talk to them. Or better, talk to Google. They sold SketchUp to Trimble four years ago because they no longer wanted it for populating GE and Maps.

Thank you for answering my question