Sketchup models in Google earth

Feel like Rip van winkle here but back when… I enjoyed drawing models building in G-Earth, did several landmarks that were historical buildings. My question is what became of those creations we all did back in the day? Did they somehow become obsolete when Trimble took it over? Just curious went to check on one of mine and it was gone. Something we all worked hard on. Thanks John

No. They became obsolete when Google decided to go a different route for 3D content for Google Earth. Google figured out that there weren’t enough SktechUp users interested in making content for Earth and went a different direction. Google also changed their terms of service so SketchUp couldn’t use Google Earth or Maps for terrain and imagery.

It’s remarkable how many people blame Trimble for everything, when in fact they brought Sketchup from Google’s trash pile and gave it a new life. Google can do no wrong :face_vomiting:


My “guess” is Trimble SketchUp did nothing with your models. It’s best if you ask Google about them not showing up in Google Earth.
Trimble bought SketchUp from Google years ago, mister Winkle, (although not twenty years ago) and stopped developement from being on break. In fact we can look at this as a rescue operation for SketchUp. Thank god!

They should still be in the 3D Warehouse. They’re just not public on GE, but one can view them if uploaded as kml.