Removing 3D models from G. Earth permanently‏‏


Hi Folks!

Before Sketchup and the 3D warehouse was bought by Trimble I stopped uploading models to the 3D building layer in Google Earth but I left them on the net so other people could see them.

More than a month ago I decided I didn´t want to use my Google account anymore (for privacy concerns) so I deleted my models (or that’s what I thought) from the Warehouse and then removed my google account (apparently it’s not the same as the Trimble one).

Well, the thing is, the models are still in the 3D building layer unveiling personal data, but they do not appear, however, on the warehouse so I can’t re-delete or at least hide them.

I know it takes some time make the update on Google servers but It’s been almost 2 months.
Did anybody had the same issue?

Then again, I find really annoying that there’s no specific way to directly contact google or Trimble, and neither is a contact form.

Thank you!


We don’t have a connection with Google geo models anymore, so you have to submit your take down request with Google directly. I’d launch Google Earth and see if there’s feedback anywhere you can provide. Sorry we can’t help you more. I hope your 3dwarehouse-related items are taken care of.



Unfortunately, I think for many online companies, when ownership changes hands, removing your account only affects those still under the same company umbrella. So yea, you’ll have to somehow do a request, but don’t know how. I have same problems with my old youtube account which i can’t access anymore (before it was bought by google), with videos online that i can’t remove and very hard/long process to request removal.


Thank you very much for your help guys!

I’ll keep trying to contact Google, although it’s driving me crazy :frowning:

See you