Google account was deleted, but 3D Warehouse page is still active

I already posted about this years ago, but the issue was never resolved so I thought I’d try again.

Years ago I deleted a Google account associated with a 3d Warehouse account (this was back when all 3d warehouse accounts were just Google accounts and the software/site was considered a Google service). I thought that would delete all my old models but the account is still active – I guess the Trimble acquisition messed things up? Anyway, is there anyway I can login (I remember the email address that would have been associated with the account) and delete it? Could I speak to a support employee about this?

Out of curiousity, why bother? Did you actually try to use the supportlink that was posted in that earlier post?
I guess this links only works for current subscribers and the ones who (still) have an active maintenace planrelated to the old classic license.
The people at the 3D Warehouse do need to figure out if you are really the owner of that 3D Warehouse account, though, otherwise, it would be a mess, I think.

Are you planning to update your collection or just want to remove it? Or perhaps want to create another?
Lots of things has changed since then.

Pinging @kellyp and @TheGuz

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It contains a lot of embarrassing stuff that I posted when I was a kid in 2007. I don’t know why or how, but it shows up as 2014 now, making it seem like I was 19 at the time instead of 12. I just want it deleted now.

You should be able to log in to your warehouse account and delete the files yourself.

Well, you need to know the associated email address and password.

That seemed to be implied in the OP.

Unless it is not taken by someone else, you can create a new gmail address with that remembered email and try to use the ‘forgot password method’.

Sorry, to be clear –

What I’m talking about is not a Trimble ID with a gmail email address. It was back when all Sketchup/3D Warehouse accounts were just Google accounts and the software/site were google services. So logging in with the email address isn’t an option and neither is recreating the account (google never releases old deleted addresses for reuse).

@TheGuz can migrate the models from the old account to your current account, and then you can delete any you don’t want to keep.

Hopefully he will see that I tagged him, and he will get in touch with you.

Thanks guys! I’m on it… DMs are sent.

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