Cannot access my old warehouse with "new" account

Hi there, I cannot login to my old 3d warehouse account. When I attempted to login I was automatically prompted to use my Google account (which is weird, because I’m pretty sure my old warehouse login was my google account)

This is my account:
Can you tell me how to link it to my new SketchUp account or how to get into it?

thanks, Devin.

Today, you authorize and are required to have a Google account, and we use Google OAuth to sign you in. I commented on one of your files. You should get an email saying so, so check your email on your account. Did you use the same email? Private message me so your email isn’t public.


I also have this problem. “My Models” in “My Account” is empty when I log into the 3D warehouse.

Can you look into it, PM me or something please?


So this is your account, right?

I seen one model there. Does everyone else? I’m now thoroughly confused.

This is what I see:

Oh, yes. I am having the same problem. I wish to link my old account (which was started in 2008 I believe) with my current account. I use the same profile name “WalaAmelia”. If you do a search for my name all of my models will show up but if I simply log in only my newer models will show up. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This is the URL I get:

Logged in as Lee.S

BTW, I couldn’t reply again to previous due to new user restrictions, 3 posts only allowed.

That account does not have any models, public or private. Are you sure you uploaded something using that account? There is a Lee S. in warehouse who has 12 models. These are NOT yours:

Your model is and your user name in 3dwarehouse is “Slgg” on that model.

I only ever created the hownsgill viaduct using the name slgg. As we’ve said this would have needed a google mail account. The only googlemail account I’ve ever had is the one that now logs me into lee.s with no models. its as if its no longer linked to my old model and is now a new account.

Any more help on this? Is there a way the accounts can be merged?

We have the power to help! Please fill out the support form ( with the following information:
Your “Old” account
Your New account

We can then try and help you to process this request.