Recover my old 3D Warehouse account

Few years ago I had a 3D warehouse account with a dozen of models. Today I wanted to upload a new model to my warehouse account but, at first, when I tried to log in with my google account it said the was no account associated with that email.

I was pretty sure the mail was correct, but I tried with two different email and got the same answer.
I tried a second time with my google account email and password and this time I correctly logged it, but in a brand new warehouse account with no models yet.

Is there any way I can recover my old account with the models? Somethink like view the account and have the password sent to my email?
Or, if that’s not possible, can I download the models of my old account and share them again with the new one?

Yes. Click on my name, and send me a private msg with those emails and i’ll take a look. Also, what kind of models (if you can remember). In our transition from Google, they would not release email addresses (a good thin for privacy), but if you logged in via Google, they would match you up with your account (for a certain time period). There are also two choices to sign in: Google or Trimble:

My old account on sketchup is below:
I forgot the login credentials, even email address. Please let me know how can I recover my old account?

@Barry Hello! I have the same problem. Is there anyway to assist in recovering old files?

Hi! I’m filling in for Barry on this topic, since it’s in my area. We don’t have a way to reset permissions on existing accounts. Here are some of the options we do have:

  1. If you have an old account with a small handful of models, I would recommend creating a new account, downloading the existing models and re-uploading them. It’s a pretty quick process.
  2. If you have and old account with a BUNCH of models, say a dozen or more, we can transfer models from an old account to a newly created account. We will verify ownership of both accounts and within 48 hours we can have them moved over.

It seems some items are missing that I know I uploaded previously. I used to have two accounts - one on each computer. When I try to log in on my old computer, it says that an account doesnt exist with that email.

If you have access to the account page of the models in question, and can paste the URL here I can learn more by looking at your user ID. It is a long string of letters and numbers included in the URL.

My old account not exists anymore, my credentials i forgot, how to delete it? And all these 3 models. Thanks!!