Remove old 3D Warehouse account from 2013


I’d like to recover/remove my old 3D Warehouse account which was in use back in 2013.

Here is a page to the account: tymon | 3D Warehouse

It seems I can no longer login with that username or any email I had in use at the time. Any help to what steps I could take would be much appreciated.

Support do have a way to migrate models from one account to another account. You should contact support using the email address that is no longer working for you in 3D Warehouse. Explain the problem, and ask if the models can be moved over to your new working account.

Start with this form:

Now, I can imagine that the same issue of signing in to 3D Warehouse might also affect your contacting support with the same email address. If that’s the case, contact them however you can. You are the only SketchUp user with your name, I think support will know that both email addresses belong to you.