Old Account Models are not Being Associated with New Account

I created a number of models before Sketchup was purchased by Trimble and I see that my username is associated with those models, but I do not see them listed in my Account.
Did they fail to transfer correctly to the new system?
How do I reassociate them with my account?

Have you tried logging into your old account? To transfer models between accounts, you can upload the models to your new account.

The old account was with google, with which I used google SSO. I am also using google SSO for logging into the account for Trimble. Does that mean my old account is not longer accessible?

I can only imagine the response if Google disabled all the 3D Warehouse accounts after selling SketchUp to Trimble. There’d be daily complaints, so I think you probably just forgot your password.

I’ll just ping @jody and @Barry for you, one of them should be able to get your account back together.

Thank you

  • Troy

Send me links to the two accounts and the email(s) you think are associated with them. Thnx

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Thank you for your help.



Hi Barry,
I have a similar problem - an account created long ago which I am no longer able to log in to. It doesn’t have any models, just a collection that I will have no problem replicating on the new account (and I can set the same display name for the new account, too). The only trouble is that the old account and collection will still be there, possibly causing some confusion. Would there be a way to delete them after I’m done migrating the collection?

Yes, contact support, or PM me and we can remove it.

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