Can't connect to old account. Moderator help?

I have an old account from the early days with with which I’d uploaded a bunch of models. I’ve tried every email/password combination I can think of without luck. It might be due to a change in the accounts – I think I’d only needed a username before, not an email. Is there a moderator that can help me reclaim that account? (I’ve read @Barry has helped people in the past). Thanks!

Hi @Didjit,

I see that you are a Make user rather than a Pro user. Typically online support is provided to SketchUp Pro users, but you may find help if you contact support at the following link

Thanks @SketchUp_Moderator. I’ll give it a try.

Yea, and PM me your account info url’s. Make sure you’re signing in to Google with gmail login for Google, or Trimble ID for the top part of the login panel.

Same issue here - also a Make member. My old username was “ajberger”, email that I’m positive was associated at last login is no longer working.

Hello @ajberger00
Please contact technical support at the link provided in the post above if you have not already done so.

Thanks @Barry for migrating my old components over to my new account.
My old account was no longer accessible (it used the same email address as my new account). But now my prodigal components have returned home.

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