Can't login to old Warehouse account after purchasing new membership

Like the title says - I purchased new Sketchup Pro subscription, using same email address I use for the warehouse login for many years, now the same login loads to brand new account which is blank, my warehouse is here:
But I cannot access it, absolutly no accounts I have access it, the one that should access it logins to blank account, I only added two models thinking I was loading to original account. It is imperitive I can access my original account. Everytime now I login it loads here: AAA SUNSTONE | 3D Warehouse

@psaal @barry @RileyS also check support ticket 10280554

Can you Link the article, I cannot seem to find it the support ticket number does not pull up anything, or I am not sure were to put this support ticket into?

I linked to that support ticket because I have made a ticket with the same problem…

The support ticket number is for a SketchUp’s Help Contact Form ticket. It only means something to SketchUp employees - no one else can look it up. It’s not an article. It helps us reference the ticket. You can and probably should also submit a ticket, though: Support - Technical Support | SketchUp Help
Ask for Katya, please, in the ticket. Then I can follow up with our technical team.

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I believe this has been resolved. Can you confirm and let us know if there are any issues? Thanks for your patience as we worked on this.


Its Good now, thank you, only lost my Liked models and collections – but happy to see the analytics is there.

I am now wondering if you can Merge these files from a very old account here:

Design Backyard was a old design company I had over 10 years ago and this Sketchup account I have not had access to since then I do not have the email anymore and cant remember the password, so resetting it is useless. I have already downloaded the models but I would rather this account be closed or if you can import the files and keeping the analytics.

You can verify its my account either in the account details or this link I list my name Zeke and an old email address.

Best Regards,

Zeke Neumann


Sunstone Metal Products LLC.

16004 Central Commerce Dr.

Pflugerville, TX. 78660




Hi Zeke,

I’ve migrated the models from to your Sunstone account. You should be good to go, but please confirm.

Thanks again.

Great Thank you for that, you can close the account.


Done! Thanks again.

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