How do I merge old accounts to my present account? (No access to email associated with old account?)


Is there a possible way to merge SketchUp 3D Warehouse accounts even though you no longer have access to the email account in which the older account is associated with?

A long time ago, I had lost the access to the email account associated with this account here:

That account was made back when Google sold off SketchUp to Trimble, although some of the models I uploaded in that were done back when Google Earth was accepting models for the 3D buildings layer. However, since I no longer could access that email for a password request (and to be honest, since I had quite a few email accounts at the time, I’ve forgotten the one it was associated with), I had to create a new account in 2016.

That new account is here:

I’d love to have the two of them merged. When I reset my password a couple months back, I saw a brief pop-up warning that had somehow detected I was associated with the old account and asked if I wanted it merged, but accidentally clicked “NO” before I could fully realize what the pop-up had said.

Please help!

-Steve Rosenow

Check now.

For your interest, the old account email started with ‘gillig’.

Thank you so much!

Yeah, I knew what the email address was, I just lost access to that account due to inactivity on it.