Need to merge old account with new one

Hi, I have the exact same problem reported here: Old Account Models are not Being Associated with New Account. As no new replies are allowed, I’m creating a new topic for people with the same problem to be able to reach @Barry or someone who can help with this issue.

My old account is: I think it should have been associated with alejo9719 hotmail com

It was created back when SketchUp was Google’s property and I created models for Google Earth with it, some of which I want to delete.

My new account is this one: alejo9719 gmail com


Yes, as noted before, this was a Google privacy thing that we should all be thankful for: a company buying Google technology does not get to rake up all their user data with SketchUp. It required a window where users had to login, and then Google would give ownership of models. That time period has passed.

Check your email and answer the question in the next 5 minutes and I’ll migrate the models.

Hi. Thanks for your quick answer. I don’t have any new mail in my inbox or spam folders.

Haha - cut off last digit replacing the space. Look again.