Need help for my 3d warehouse profil (2)

Hello,i whant to change the e-mail address of my profil sketchup .
The problem is that my e-mail address has been blocked,i try to change thé password but it is still blocked,worse i do not know what password put.

Thank for you attention

Ps i specify that i can always connectu with “sign in with google”

My 3d warehouse

We tie your login to your email. Otherwise, random people could post to the forum that they’re you, and try to social engineer their way around things. Please Private Message me your email tied to these forums, and we’ll see if we can help.


Um, if you don’t have access, how did you manage to upload this model 2 days ago? You have to login to upload.

Hi and thanks for yourreply,i can always connect with “sign in with google”

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