Can't log into my 3DW account

I’ve had my account since 2014 or maybe even longer, here the link: Kocio L. | 3D Warehouse Never had any problem with signing in until now. My e-mail address is unrecognizable to the warehouse but I still get messages from SketchUp to the same address! Did SketchUp delete my account? Please help!

It is Sunday here, you may need to wait until business hours of the workweek.

What is the exact error message ?


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: It’s Sunday here, as well :slight_smile: So when I try to
log in I get this message:
Sign in failed.

If you previously signed in with Google ID:
click “Sign in with Google”.

If you forgot your password:
click “Forgot Password”.

When I want to reset the password i get this: Sorry, we didn’t recognise
this user. Please enter a valid Email address.

As I said, I’ve had that account for a few years. The last time I uploaded
a model was last June. Couple of montha ago I realized I couldn’t log in. I
doubled checked everything. It looks like my e-mail address was banned or
something like that. But I still get messages from Sketchup to the same
e-mail and the account exists, models can me downloaded from it. Maybe it
has something to do with the fact that the e-mail address is not at gmail?

Hi everyone,

So I’ve never managed to solve my problem. My account exists, people
download models from it, I receive messages to my inbox but can’t log in.

Are you logging in with Trimble (yellow button) or with Google (blue button at bottom)? If google, are you forwarding another email through Google? You should be able to login to Google (or wherever you’re redirecting) and check on it. If it’s Trimble, it may not match your email password - you could have set it to whatever you want. Click on the Forget Password link and fix it.

Thank you for the reply! I tried many times to log in with Trimble, as my
e-mail address is at Yahoo! I’ve changed the password already and it didn’t
help. I get information that Timbre doesn’t recognize my e-mail. But still
I get messages from SketchUp to the same address.

That’s what Barry is trying to say, have you tried signing in with your Yahoo address via the blue Sign in with Google button?
The google button in the normal older way of logging in. A trimble login is slightly different.

Sorry, I made a mistake. When I try to change the password I get this
info: Sorry,
we didn’t recognise this user. Please enter a valid Email address.
It looks like Trimble has removed my e-mail…

Yahoo! doesn’t belong to Google. I can log in with Google button only when
I have Google e-mail address. When I type in my Yahoo! address I get info
that Google doesn’t recognize the address.

Also, I was able to create this topic only with a Gmail account. I’m
starting to think that it’s just another way of discriminating people who
are not with Google.

Yes, but you can forward your yahoo account to a gmail account and sign into google using said yahoo account. I know, I’ve tested it. I’ll see if there’s anything we can do on our end.

We don’t discriminate. And clearly Google isn’t, if they’ll let you use gmail with a yahoo account.

Your email does not exist in our database. And I just confirmed that I can login to 3dwarehouse using the Google link with a yahoo email address. We don’t know what you did with your accounts, but you’re not listed in Trimble, so we presume it’s set up somehow with Google. That’s between you, Yahoo and Google.