Can't access my very old 3D warehouse account

Its been a long time since I logged in into my 3D warehouse account in oder to upload models for Google Earth. Now I find its only possible to login via a Google Account and I am not able to sign in with my old credentials, because as fare as I remember there was no need to use a Google Account. However I now have a Google Account with the same email address I used those days but it gives me a different User at the warehouse, so I can’t access my old models anymore. Those are the accounts:

50+ models in old account:

no models in new account:

Any ideas?

Hi @achim, is this an enterprise Google account (i.e., Google for work) ?

Yes, it is. It may not be once I created the first account, thought.

@achim, unfortunately there’s nothing on the site today that will help. If you are a pro user then you can contact support and provide the above information, and they can take a look –