Duplicate account on 3Dwarehouse

i have been struggling to “recover” my account on the 3dwarehouse, and i have no clue how to contact anybody about this. Years ago i uploaded a few models to the 3dwarehouse, and all was well. then the site changed to the Trimble whatever, and now when i sign in, it logs me in as diferent person with the exact same name. i have found no contact information about site management, i need contact info in order to get this matter finally solved. whenever there is a comment, or a like on my models i get the email notifying me, the email they use is the same one i sign in with.

Sigh… responding on Christmas Eve is sad, but I’ll do it. Send me a private message on where your account lands you (user.html page) and I’ll take a look. Are there models you expect to be there? Can you find links for them? Our office is closed for the next week so no promises on a speedy resolution.