3D warehouse connect to the wrong account

Hi Team !
I have 2 Sketchup Pro licenses, for some time the 2 accounts have been going to the same 3D warehouse account, which is causing me some problems because on a license I can no longer upload my models. Thanks for your help

Maybe you can provide us with a bit more information.
Do you have 2 Pro 2022 licenses or is one of the two older?
If so, is the older licence a subscription or perpetual?

Ok good, I have 2 Pro 2022, I’m always up-to-date and same licence because I work on 2 places.
Let me know if I can give other information. I try a couple of things, but nothing work

If I understand correct you have only 1 Sketchup license, but installed on 2 computers at different places.
If so, it would be normal to have 1 Trimble account and also 1 3D warehouse acount…

If you made 2 3DWarehouse acounts for some reason you would have to log out and log in with your other acount’s email-adress.

I log out from my other account and when I CLIC to send it to 3D warehouse in Sketchup they always want to connect on other account and show me this image

My other account is active

Maybe @MikeWayzovski or @Elmtec-Adam can help you better with this. I pinged them for you…

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Thanks for your help, I really appreciated

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You’re welcome, I guess someone else will be able to solve your problem soon.

To give more info, I disconnect my other gmail account from my computer and clean everything, but it always wants to connect to the bad account.

Hi modulaflex!
I’ll be asking you for account info, so feel free to DM me to discuss this. Basically, I’ll want to know if the email address you use to access your SketchUp entitlement is the same as the email address you’d like to use for 3D Warehouse. IF not, I might ask you to create a 3DW account that matches your SketchUp login. From there I can move your content from the “old” account to the “new” one.


Hi Guz
Thanks for the fast follow-up, I have 2 accounts and each one have an email for SU and 3DW. Before, it always works good. It’s about already 2 months I have this problem.

I got an account for the office (same gmail for SU and 3DW)
An other account at my house with(other gmail for SU and 3DW)

But 3DW stock on the one for the office. When I’m on the office account, I’m ok
but when I’m on the one at my house it didn’t change, and I can access even if it locks out

Got it. Let me chew on this for a bit and see what we come up with.

Thanks Guz !

I would guess at some point you have signed into SketchUp with the account you don’t want to use and it’s kinda stuck there.

I would suggest you delete SketchUp’s built in Chromium browser cache -

on windows paste this into your file explorer address bar
%appdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022

delete the folder called WebCache-88.0.4324.150
(this will rebuild next time you start sketchup)

then go into the folder called Sketchup

%appdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp
and delete the file called login_session.dat

Start SketchUp and sign in.

If it says you’ve reached your subscription activation limit, or something to that effect.
Guide to deal with that is here
How to manage your Subscription Activations | Elmtec SketchUp (elmtec-sketchup.co.uk)


Another test would be to go to 3D Warehouse in a private window. That way you will have to enter the email address and password, you won’t be automatically signed in. See if that gets you through to the account you want it to show.


Yes, Elmtec-Adam, First time it didn’t work, I redo it, but I have to clean my browser and my Window temp, everything works perfectly now.

Thanks to all of you, I very appreciated your help

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I reached out to support to review the situation and they gave me these steps which seemed to fix things in this case. I’ll paste it here in the hopes it will help someone else in the future.

This issue sometimes comes up when there is a conflict in SketchUp’s web cache. This generally happens when there is a change on the back end, and the licensing window is trying to make a connection that is no longer valid. You’ll want to remove SketchUp’s web cache to help restore your ability to use your network license. You’ll find the file pathway’s below.
On Windows: C:\Users<USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUpXXXX\WebCache
On Mac: Finder> Go> Hold the Option key> Library> Application support> SketchUp> SketchUpXXXX > WebCache

This process should look like this screen capture: 2020-12-28_16-50-00