Need urgent help - move 3D warehouse content - I bought new SU

Hi guys,

need urgent help. I bought SU subscription - but they add to the wrong e-mail. And now have SU license at one acount and 3D models at old 3D warehouse account. Could you please copy all models from one to another please? Can’t work - and need to do urgent job.

Thans a lot.

Please update your forum profile. It’s out of date.

Who is “they”?

Contact Customer Support and ask them to update the e-mail address associated with your subscription.


You can always download from the warehouse via a browser.

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Profile updated.

They - I mean Progrupa - it’s official seller where I bought license. And they added wrong e-mail. Can’t use browser, its to slow - and support of my seller working tommorow.

Could you copy at least models at my acount from one to another - to work until they solve problem? I’ve send already e-mail but it ticket, long way, and propably they fix it in few days. And need work now:(

How many models are we talking about here?

I have 1030 at my acocunt.

Any chance for help today? Guys I’ll even goes to church :slight_smile:

If you purchased from a reseller, you need to contact them directly.

I did, but still looking for quick solution for today…They have few days for response, and I have few hours to finish my job. I bought SU sub to avoid 3D warehouse issue, and look where I’m now…

The quick solution would probably be to go to the license management page, remove the license assignment from your current e-mail and assign it to the same e-mail as you use for your 3D Warehouse models. Could @TheOnlyAaron or @colin perhaps walk you through that?

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Who are you asking to do that? This is a users forum, there’s nothing we can do here, why don’t you access to the warehouse using your other account, make public your models so you can access them from your new account.

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Is there option to make all models public in one click?

Or download the models you need to your pc

Go to and sign in with the email that bought the subscription .
Once logged in (as the owner) go to the Members section and add the other email address.

Remove the product from the owner (click on the three dots)
Add the released seat to the email address which you would like to use (again the three dots)


Best practice is to sign out of that tab and sign back in with the other email.
Then you can check if it has the product (My products)
You might need to sign out of SketchUp, of course and sign back in with the email that has the product.

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This page is not loading. If I use another account with old SU2021 sub is working OK. Not sure why. Will try

Hey nosfe! I’ll let @Jake_from_SketchUp know and he will follow up with you.

It is possible to move models from one account to another account, and that may be what @TheGuz is checking into. But, that would mean all of your models are now at a different URL.

Instead you could sign into your account and change which email address has the subscription. Sign into this page with the email address you use in the forum:

Then under Members you can remove the current email address and add the one you use for 3D Warehouse, and assign the subscription to that email. After that you can sign in with the old email and upload models to your existing 3D Warehouse account.

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If I understand the problem correctly, Colin’s recommendation should be the quickest resolution. We can migrate content from one account to another but that can take from a few hours to half a day or more for this volume of models (depending on how much of a processing queue there is). Let us know if we need to escalate to this option.

Guys, not sure why, but members tabs is not working. There is spinner and nothing is loaded. I have 3 primary tab to choose profile (personal, and 2x buisness). And at personal and 1xbuisness where its free and old license - member tab is working and I can see and edit primary e-mail etc.

But at this last one where is sub plan visible only My products and plan Plan Settings tab is working - where I can see SU sub active, but member tab is not loading - like no access?

Anyway there is no chance to change e-mail.

I think only seller is able to change my e-mail.

If it’s possible please move all my models (but only if you are able to move also collection/folders - need same order/sort).

Is there a reason you are opposed to talking to your reseller? Part of purchasing from them is the ability to reach out to them for support!