3D warehouse not working - p

White page on 3D warehouse. Will not load.

Any ideas?

I am signed into my trimble account. Licence is pro and paid.

Only change I have made recently is moving my files to google cloud storage and working from there instead of a hard drive. Is that enough to cause this issues???

I don’t think hosting your files on google drive should affect your access to the warehouse. More likely a licensing hiccup, I’d recommend you start by signing out and signing back in to SketchUp.

On a separate note hosting your working SketchUp files on the cloud is a known recipe for corrupting files beyond recovery. We see this repeatedly here on the forum. The recommended method of working is to save and work with your files locally and to back up to the cloud or google drive at regular intervals, say nightly.

Gotcha. I went back in circles of opening closing, signing in and out, finally got a loophole into the warehouse but it wasn’t really acting normal.

Good to know about the cloud/ files dying. I’ve been a die hard, hard drive guy for a while but figured I will adopt to the cloud. Day 1 and it seems like a mistake. I will use it as more of an archive.

Best practice.

warehouse issue could have been an outage…