Is 3d warehouse not working these days?

Is 3D warehouse working properly? It doesn’t open on my Sketchup neither on the website. it keeps loading even on the broaser but never opens! What’s going on?

It does open on my Sketchup either on the website.

Hey, your profile is a bit confusing, Sketchup for school is the one, online, for kids.
there is no 2022 for school version.

Are you using sketchup pro 2022 or the kids version ?

where are you using it ? what config, gear ? On your university PC, private machine ? do you have a VPN or a firewall (university one maybe) ?

It opens fine here too, so it might be that your connexion is blocking / delaying the page.

sorry. I use the Sketchup Pro 2022 and I’m using it on my private computer, I have a school license, that’s what I meant. No, I don’t have a VPN. It was working just fine until yesterday when this sarted happening.

Whenever I open the extention on the app it gets a white screen in it and it doesn’t load. on the website it doesn’t even load the page. doesn’t open at all. it started from nowhere.

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Close SketchUp
Paste this into an explorer window
%appdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022

delete the folder called web cache

Restart SketchUp

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