Help with my models in my warehouse


Hello, I’m having an issues with viewing not all of my models. when I’m log in only 28 out of 64 are showing. when I type my nickname in the search they all come up, but I cant edit them even though I’m still log in. When I go to the tab to view my models again only 28 will appear those I can edit or deleate.


Ping me, we’ll see what’s going on.


hello barry Thanks for helping me


Is it working? What’s the url? I only saw 1 model under your account. Are the rest private?


no there public its under nickname jspro



so this one is old cant delete it from my account.



That’s because there are two different accounts:

JSpro has 27 models:
jspro has 38 models:

I’ll check on those.


Thanks for your help. I don’t know how that happened?


Good Morning Barry, Just checking to see if you’ve had a chance to look at my issue having 2 accounts. Is this something that is fixable or work in progress? Do I need to do something? Should I reload my drawings but that would cause duplicates. Thanks for your help. John


I found 3 accounts with your name. Can you private message me the emails you had on these (if you remember them)? And we’ve noticed people having trouble with , i.e. - people that had a gmail account that then converted to a Google at Work account. We have had issues ourselves where we changed Google domains from Google to Trimble.


Barry just checking to see if you got my message? John


I believe that could be the issue from Google to Trimble. If this is unfixable I will redownload my drawing to my current url and just live with duplicates? Thanks for your help. John


Yea, that’s the simplest. We get a few accounts that Google labels as instead of their real gmail account, and we’re not sure how to deal with these. If anyone sees a good answer from Google, please share with me.


Hey Barry just wanted to give you a update on my issue on two url accounts. I gave Google Tech support a call on my issue, they never heard of Sketchup didn’t know that Google had own this program and suggested that I contact you guys again.


Grumble… bad things said about Google deleted here. It’s your Google account, right? Do you remember the name of the Google account you signed in with. If yes, tell them. If no, ask them to help you. You had to have logged in via an account you set up in gmail. Now, you may have never used gmail with this account, but you used it to do OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Or give me the Google Tech support guy’s email or # and I’ll discuss & educate him/her.


No worries. I appreciate all of your help.