Model count in My 3D Warehouse is incorrect

I have 93 models in the warehouse, but the warehouse thinks I have 95. I had deleted a few models some time ago in my early SketchUp years, and replaced them. (vs updated) Could the warehouse still be counting those?
This is a minor concern but any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Do you have any private models? And I just counted - you have 93. How’d you count 95? I counted by 20 / page and 40 / page, and it’s 93.

Because that is what is noted by my profile pic and name with each model.
The count has been off by two for awhile. I’m just now getting around to
puzzling about it.


Can you look at your My Warehouse page and see if you have any private models? One one of my accounts, I had 1 model, but it said 4, and after logging in, I had 3 private models.


There shouldn’t be any that are private. I don’t use the warehouse for
storage. I don’t see a way to sort or filter My Warehouse for private
models. Is there a way to do this globally? The only way I know to check is
to "edit’ the model to display the public / private setting.


There’s a little lock icon in the upper right on models that are private:

I guess you could sort your models by popularity: private models will have less views & downloads, one would think.

No, none have a lock symbol. Lol, first time I’ve seen that.