Please help, Model stolen from 3D warehouse

Hello, I want to warn you that a user of the 3D warehouse is stealing several of my 3D models.
First of all, I want to clarify that I know very well that the models in the 3D warehouse are made to be reused by other users in their own 3D models and I fully agree with that.
I create a lot of model with passion so that it is available for free for others, my only gain is to make the others users happy with my work.

But some users don’t see things the same way as me,it seems that this user is just copying my 3d models and redistributing them without modification, using the same image as me, without crediting me and therefore taking credit for it.
It breaks my heart, because these 3d models take me several hours or even days to create.

I do not know if you can do something but here is the model concerned:


The user concerned :

The Original model create by me:

This is only a sample of what has been stolen, unfortunately this user has a very large number of models and it is very likely that other models have been stolen from me and other users of the 3d warehouse.
What hurts the most is that these copies are highly appreciated, even more appreciated than my original models.

Thanks for reading me and have a nice day.

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It appears that Zeta is an incredibly prolific modeller, or they have simply claimed ownership of every model in the warehouse. I seriously doubt such a small minded individual has the ability to actually model a cube with sketchup.


Tagging @TheGuz for this to be looked into.


Thanks for your help guys, some of these copies have more than 15k download!

it is extremely infuriating for the poor modeler who worked hard on these models.

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What I noticed is that the copies are significantly smaller.

Maybe they were opened and then saved with a newer version of Sketchup.

Version 2021 and 2022 files have a new format and they are significantly compressed. Typically the new file format takes about half the disk space compared to older.

Basically they are the same size, it’s just that the warehouse is displaying the size that was uploaded. If you download both as 2022 versions they will be identical in size, but if you download as an older version they will be the larger size.
Zeta wouldn’t even need to have a desktop version of sketchup to do this, simple open from the warehouse in the free version and upload without doing anything. Most probably used some sort of batch system.

Some people just use 3D warehouse to keep files like storage, they might not be trying to “steal” or share your files

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I understand your reasoning however why didn’t he set the models to private, in fact what happens is that those copies prevent me from updating my existing models, because if I do that the warehouse will list the models copied as older than my modified original models.
I often modify my existing models to correct geometry errors.

I want people to know that it was me who modeled these models because each 3D model takes me days of work to create

I don’t know why they have/haven’t turned on certain things. I’m just suggesting that things aren’t always as sinister as they might appear - it might be a child or someone with a personality for collecting things.

I understand it’s not a great setup if it prevents you from doing things. I’d be annoyed too


zeta could also have created a collection to keep the models he is interested in, a lot of users do this and I totally agree with that.


Have you seen how many models this user has ‘uploaded’!

Have you ever met or lived with someone who is not neurotypical?
Just Sayin’ that is a possibility and it’s not 100% someone willingly trying to cause problems or steal things from the free 3Dwarehouse.

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I didn’t know that it worked like that. When I am looking for a model to download the size shown is often a consideration and other things about equal I would choose the smaller one.

Maybe the 3Dwarehouse should correct the way it reports the size.

I just updated some of my new models I added an inscription showing my name and a non clickable link to my warehouse
I also claimed to be the author of my models via the option offered by Sketchup.
Its look like this :
Please don’t pay attention to the US flag at the top left, it is only there to indicate the nationality of the character.
I want to do this for all my 3d models, but I prefer to wait for action from 3d warehouse moderation, because if I do it now, models already stolen by zeta will be listed earlier than my original models by 3d warehouse and it will be impossible for me to prove that I am the original author.

This situation is annoying.

I agree. Looking at a Date Added order, it appears that the user is, at times, collecting them in related families (clocks, watches, makeup, etc).

There are solutions that could be developed. Some tools to provide those solutions are being considered currently. There likely won’t be a solution in the short term but I’m imagining, in the longer term, a solution that will automatically link a model to the original uploader. This tool could also reduce the presentation of duplicate models in favor of originating models.

This is an important issue and options are being considered for a better creator and user experience. If you have suggestions feel free to share them with me directly and we’ll use our crowdsourced genius to come up with something great.


Thanks for your help, I may have an interesting solution, it would be possible to add an update history showing the initial upload date of the model with its image that it had when it was first uploaded, each modification is updated added over time will be added to the historic with its corresponding image. .


I’m just spitball’n here, but would it help @RedC130 if he created his own watermark and added it to his models so that it would be easier to identify and possibly remove all doubt about who is stealing/copying/claiming the work for their own? I’ve personally seen this technique used on other SU file sharing sites and it may work in this instance. Also, there is a feature in SU where the user can “author” their work, and as I see it, it can be an extra layer or proof (again, just spitball’n suggestions).

Thank you for your support.
Indeed it is a solution that I chose and started to apply on my 499 models of my 3D WH.
Unfortunately it is very long to do.