Where do I go for help with 3d warehouse please?

I am needing some advice in regards to the warehouse models.

I did post s couple of questions here but the bot removed it.

Firstly just to confirm, am I ok to discuss 3d warehouse here?


I don’t know why your posts got removed but I did respond to at least one of your posts. I told you that you should retain legal counsel to interpret the Terms of Use for the 3D Warehouse. Nobody here, including Trimble employees can give you that advice. One thing that is clear, however, is that you cannot use SketchUp Free and sell work you’ve created with it. You must have a Sketchup Go or SketchUp Pro license to do that.

Thank you for getting back to me.

My intention is not to sell. I was intending to create a mod for a game just for nostalgia but was thinking I’d make it freely available to download and maybe it could be developed further by someone else.

I would like to ask the initial developer for permission to change the model itself so that there are no complications and with accreditation of course. Although this proving difficult as there is no email option under their profile.

It does seem to say in the t&C’s that if I do modify a model downloaded from 3dw that I must upload the new version back to 3d warehouse then I can continue my project from there.

This is all becoming too technical I think. So many other mods available. I may try asking some for advice also.

Thank you

In the post I replied to before, you indicated you would be offering the work for sale.

You could post your question in the comments for the component in the 3D Warehouse.

Again, get some real legal counsel regarding this to make sure you aren’t violating the Terms of Use.

Thanks for the reply.

No no, I was only curious how monetisation works in regards to all of this.

Again my intention would be to complete mod for the game and allow other people to use it without any charges involved. Free download and use as I understand that the base model although it is free to download it belongs to the initial creator and that because it is initially available for free in 3d warehouse that the intention would be that it remain free, otherwise terms have been violated.

I have already left a question in the comments section asking the model creator for permission to modify and use and to make it available for free, and now the waiting game lol. It could take a while but I have asked for permission.

I am looking into it.

It is also possible that the creator is no longer active on the 3D Warehouse or won’t respond so possibly you won’t get an answer at all…

The model has been uploaded 3 times by 3 different users. All slightly different from each other. I have asked all 3 for permission.

Going by the fact this is allowed in the terms and conditions all seems legitimate on that front in terms of downloading, changing and uploading the new works.

According to the t’s and C’s it looks good for my intended purpose of creating a free mod for free distribution. All users accredited also to ensure recognition of all who participated and added to the model.

Again I’ve asked for permission to cover everything but taking the above and the staying in line with the 3d warehouse t’s and c’s all seems good to go ahead.

Of course the model would be added to 3d warehouse to make it available for others to continue on which is also stating in line with the t’s and C’s.

I’ve read them over and over and over and all seem clear even with cross referencing.

It looks like all is good to go. I understand your responses in this case.

Thank you for taking time out to help.


Realistically, you need to consult with a lawyer.

Will do.

Thanks for you help.