Help for 3D warehouse models

First, Hello im Frane new to sketchup, 3d warehouse
So problem is:
Im making a game, I know everyone is doing that and there is alot of questions like mine. so:
Im good at scripting and, I wanted to make now compleat project but I need a lot of objects some of them I cant make for sure (like, vehicles). So can I:

  1. Download someones lets say vehicle form 3d warehouse
  2. Change it: so I need base for object making, If I download vehicle and change it textures shapes some models on vehicle?
  3. Im I allowed to mix few vehicles, and change it completly? So that vehicle at the end will be new one?
    So. sry for bad english, I hope that you get what I wanted to say

Hello! Welcome to SketchUp Community. You might want to read 3D Warehouse’s “Terms of Use”. I think you can find answers to your questions in the FAQ section.
Here’s a link: [3D Warehouse Terms of Use] (3D Warehouse Terms of Use FAQ | SketchUp Help)