SketchUp Warehouse usage and copyright

Hi there all,

Stupid question but I need to use some warehouse objects for an assignment for school but need to make it looks like it is made not downloaded. Are there some files I need to edit or names maybe, changing something in the script? Would love to get some advice and could help me a lot.

So what you’re saying is you need help in passing other people’s work off as your own? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This seems to be a rather unethical proposition. Hopefully no one here will give you any help.

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If you have been forbidden to use objects made by others, you should make what you need yourself. When they give you assignments you are supposed to actually work on them. And your teacher will certainly notice if you have in your model something that is clearly beyond your modeling skills as a novice.

It’s more 3d map i’ve got to end up with so importing the local municipality and then changing the looks of it by adding objects and point of interest to increase citizen participation so it’s not really related to 3d modelling as a basic. But then I’ll look for something else, thanks anyway.