Can I use Warehouse resources for schoolwork submitted for examination?

I am a high school student in Singapore currently working on a written report which would be submitted for a national examination. It requires the building of a 3D model. Can I use sketchup’s Warehouse resources (i.e. the items downloaded from there) to build my model, if I acknowledge all sources?

First consider the difference between; Building a 3D model vs Assembling the work of others.
Does the latter align with the Academic Honesty Policy of your school?

3D Warehouse: Terms of Use and General Model License Agreement

This is really a question that can only be answered by your teachers.

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I can’t see any reasons why SketchUp wouldn’t let you use these assets; after all this is more or less what they are for. However I don’t know what your school says.

SketchUp won’t stop you.
We won’t stop you.
Perhaps your teachers won’t stop you.

But at the end of the day, you should know [in your heart-of-hearts] if what you have submitted for your project is your own work - or at least your own work aided [to a minor extent] by the efforts of others…
If you submit someone else’s work and pass it off as your own with little effort, then even if your teachers fail to spot your subterfuge, and then if you get your ‘pass’, it’s a hollow victory - you didn’t win, it just looked like you did !! But you will know the truth…

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