Terms of use concerning models from SketchUp HQ




the sixth point of the 3D Warehouse Terms of Use FAQ point out on the following:
Can I include models from 3D Warehouse in the research project I am publishing?
Answer: No, this is impermissible aggregation. You need approval of each developer.

My question to the developer of the SketchUp HQ models: Can I use models from SketchUp HQ for a research project?

Thanks for answering!


I would suggest reaching out directly to the creator of the models in questions. There is not guarantee that the person who uploaded that will come by the forum and see this post.


Thanks for your reply.

I mean the models directly from SketchUp (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/by/SketchUp?nav=models). So there I have to reach out the “real” creator? I thought, that the models from the SketchUp account are jointly licensed and I can get a approval for all these models.