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Hi, I just want to check something. I am using certain models downloaded from Warehouse as elements in a ‘work-for-hire’ comic book I am drawing. The models used are mostly vehicles and the odd hard-to-draw background element like stairs in perspective. They only feature in a handful of pages throughout the book.
Basically I use the model then draw over it in pencil, making any modifications I need.

I have purchased a Pro License.

I believe my use falls within the permitted use in the General Model License

“Incorporating or including Models and Creations into a larger work or a deliverable for a third party (“Combined Work”), provided that the Combined Work includes substantial additional content to the original Model;”

I cross-checked this with a few other sources-

The Sketchup FAQ says this:

“As a professional designer, I get paid to create deliverables such as SketchUp models that contain objects I downloaded from 3D Warehouse. Is that OK?
Answer: Yes, per section 7.B.ii of the 3D Warehouse Terms of Use, you may deliver a “Combined Work” that is the result of work for hire, even if your “Combined Work” contains models downloaded from 3D Warehouse.”

And @MikeWayzovski helpfully wrote this:

" By the terms of use of the 3D warehouse, you are allowed to use the models. By 1 installing SketchUp Make you agreed with the Terms of use of this software, which states that you may only use it for personal use. Anyone who uses SketchUp for backgrounds etc. and (tries) to use it commercial must use SketchUp Pro.
With the Pro version comes two separate programs which could be very usefull for artists : LayOut for 2D output and StyleBuilder for using your own handdrawn strokes( (edges are replaced by strokes)
Check :
for inspiration.
If you use a model from 3D warehouse, you might wanna leave a comment or contact the owner, they already agreed with the TOS, but it’s a nice letting them know."

I think I am on safe ground here. But would be happy for feedback. I am obviously cognizant that most people on here aren’t lawyers (thank heavens!) so the usual caveats apply. But it would be helpful to know if my interpretation is not completely off-base here.

I am happy to leave thank yous on the profiles of the super-talented people whose models I used. I am also happy to flag with my editor where I have used the models and to make clear I don’t own the original IP for certain vehicles, furniture etc. in the book.


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