Models for Comic backgrounds

Hello! I’m new to Sketchup and I am using the free version of it. I wanted to make my own comics and realized that many people use programs like sketchup for their backgrounds! I wanted to ask if I could use my own AND other people’s models for my comic? Is it also okay of I use other people’s item-models for my own models or add them to other peoples models (if that is possible)? If that all is allowed would it be okay if I don’t credit them ?

Are these comics for your own entertainment or are you selling them?

You need to read through and understand the 3D Warehouse terms of use. If you have difficulty understanding them you should get legal counsel.

One thing is clear. If you are planning to sell your comics or otherwise make any money from them, you will need to use SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop.

Well I was thinking of uploading it on Line Webtoon
I will probably have to get the pro ver if I my comic will ever get official . Thank you for your help! I have another question as well. What if I won’t screenshot OR trace the models and just use it for reference purposes for a comic background? Would that be completely legal? (Like if I make a simple model and use it for different view backgrounds etc.)

If you earn anything from people reading your comics you would need to get Pro before you get started since that would be commercial use.

You real should get a lawyer to analyze the terms of use for both the 3D Warehouse and for SketchUp. No one here is in a position to render any legal opinion about the usage of 3D Warehouse content. The safe position since there’s doubt is to not use it at all.

Alright thanks a lot again! I just decided to draw my own backgrounds by myself (maybe with reference pictures I take myself from my neighborhood). I read the terms of usage and since there is still the probability of me once getting paid for my comic, I’ll just use Sketchup for personal usage because it looks fun to make buildings that you create yourself! :slight_smile:

Have you seen this?