Question about using others models

Hi, i am new to the SketchUp community!

I was just wondering about using others models within a scenario. I have modeled a large seating scenario and want to populate the scenario with other users items such as coffee mugs and magazines. I am allowed to use these models within my scenario and upload this model to warehouse? I have read the terms of use but can’t seem to find an exact answer on this front.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @JonnyM and welcome to the community. While I am no attorney, I believe that users agree to allow models to be freely downloaded by other users when the model is uploaded voluntarily to 3dwh. This is why I, (and others probably) will only upload public models that are conceptual or in the preliminary stages of development in lieu of models being developed for professional consultation or construction purposes.

@jvleearchitects Thanks for your answer. I am only using small objects like coffee cups and books so i think i should be fine! I am only in the early stages of teaching myself SketchUp anyway. Thanks again, Jon.

A few things you may want to keep in mind when d/l’g models from 3dwh, even small objects:

  1. Purge the model before importing into your own or do this immediately thereafter. '\
  2. Sometimes files are exceptionally large and often the scale is much different than anticipated.