3d Warehouse models for commercial purposes?

To be clear: I’m not using the SketchUp software. I’m using Blender(Another 3d software). So, I scoured the internet looking for answers but never got a clear one to this question I sought: Can I use most, if not, all the 3d models in the 3dwarehouse for commercial use? As in, can I use the models in a webcomic I’m producing? I read the terms of service, but the technical terms are messing with my comprehension of it.

Do you expect to get competent legal advice from a public software user forum? As far as anyone knows, it is all in the terms of service. You would probably need to consult a lawyer who could interpret it to you.

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There is a “new” fair use policy on the 3Dwarehouse to prevent people from downloading loads of models and sell them on other sites.
So if you want “all the 3D models” it might take a few years…

Wanted to add, during my searches through the 3d Warehouse i spotted some models from other paid libraries I had used before, and some didn’t seem to have been uploaded by the creator.

Don’t rely entirely on the terms from here as other ones may apply as well.


The problem is, since anyone can upload SketchUp models to the 3D Warehouse there’s nothing but the user’s honesty to prevent them from sharing models they shouldn’t It’s not unusual to find the exact same model uploaded by many different users even though they aren’t the author.

Folks like the OP are a major reason my 3D Warehouse content is not public. Users who upload the work of others as their own is another reason.


I was hoping I might find someone within the thousands of users of this community who might know this. As for consulting a lawyer, I could but asking first is a good way to go. As a blender user, there are other sites that provide 3d models with more explicable licensing. Ones that with a simple search in Google, I could find my answers without asking. 3dwarehouse is just a potential resource I’m currently trying to find answers for but I could live without it if it proves otherwise. Thank you for your reply.

That’s not what I meant :sweat_smile: I was asking if they were all ‘available’ to use commercially. I assumed most would be if they were. And some would be for editorial use only. Or something like that. That’s what I’m looking into. But thank you for your reply! :smile:

I’m pretty sure I know you didn’t mean that…
My comment was just additional information…

Yes, I did find a post about this earlier too. That if you were to download said model and use it without knowing, you could get caught in the legal crossfire. I might consider not even using the 3d warehouse because of this. Thank you for replying! If I did not find that out beforehand you’d have been the one to help me out. Thank you!

Knowing “this” requires a professional’s interpretation of the TOS. As said, it is all already there. Everyone here is just another SketchUp user so whatever you do with Warehouse models is your own responsibility, and as no one here represents the legal department of Trimble, so someone posting here “yes, go ahead and do whatever you like” does not remove your responsibility in case what you then do constitutes, for instance, a copyright violation. A forum post wouldn’t equal a permission.

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