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Hello there,
I’ve been hired to do a 3d model for a research project and only now at the end I start to realize I need permission from every developer. Now, most of these developers do not even share any contact details. I was wondering whether there is an easy fix for this because it basically means I have to throw out everything out of the window.

Please tell me that if the 3d model is only used within the research group itself it poses no problem. The model as a file will not be a public thing, although we do aim to publish papers about experiments that will happen within an export of the model in a game engine.

I have to say, although I have myself to blame, I find it very conflicting that you are allowed to use the 3d models for client work without any problem but as soon as you are doing something much more innocent you need permission, that just blows my mind. And it’s even more staggering that some of the authors are not even available to contact. If anything, you might want to consider a warning sign if this is the case.


What is it that indicates to you that you can’t use models from the Warehouse for research purposes?

see #6

My grave mistake was that once I read it could be used for commercial purposes I didn’t continue reading the FAQ. My train of thought was that if you can freely use models in your own work and sell that to clients, why would non commercial work be excluded.


You should contact Customer Support directly to get an answer to that. Keep in mind that it’s a little after 4am for them as I type this and they won’t be into the office for a few hours.


Pfff, completely stressed out here. Thank you for the suggestion…

sorry, how can i contact customer support directly? The contact page only seems to be interested in software licensing.


Understood. No one participating here has any authorization to comment officially on Terms of Service.

Perhaps start here. They should be able to pass it on if they can’t help. Or at the bottom of this page:


Agree completely. I’m also curious in knowing what the point of this limitation is. There must be some reason they put it there, mustn’t it?

Edit: Btw, feel free to use any of my models in research projects.


By the way, I also find it to be a strange set of rules and would be interested in an explanation. I have to believe there was some rationale for them being written as they are but it isn’t clear to me what that is.


I’m going to contact support and share the answer here folks, thank you for the kind words and support.


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