Use of 2d export of 3d warehouse models in a commercial project

Hello everyone!
I have already read the license agreement for the use of models, but I need a simple confirmation …, that’s my question:

I am a simple little game designer, can I use a 2D export of a model taken on 3d warehouse, this in a commercial project, and without having to pay any royalty ???

I noticed that this kind of question has already been asked, but without clear answers, while the questions were unambiguous, I understand that … but what would be my interest to buy a License to $ 700 if I do not get an answer … I can not pay the services of a lawyer for now …

Sorry and thank you in advance…

Any response you get from anyone here will only be an opinion and not a legal statement. You would need to get a lawyer to interpret the license agreement for Warehouse content. You absolutely must have a SketchUp Pro license, however, to use SketchUp for anything other than personal hobby use. That is very clearly stated in the EULA.

Thank you ! I understand.

• 3D Warehouse : Terms of Use
• 3D Warehouse : General Model License
• SketchUp Help Center : 3D Warehouse Terms of Use FAQ

if I understand the above links correct, 3DWH models can be used even commercially as a “Combined Work” but not as as “stand-alone Item” and only if the “trademarks and logos are maintained and are not removed or altered”.

And keep in mind too, that people uploading to the 3DWH may not have the copyright of the model sothat if using it further, especially for commercial purposes, might be an copyright infringement in consequence also.

This is no legal counselling !

Your answers are very clear and helps me well, I am reassured.
Thank you friends!

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