Selling models

Hi Everyone!
I’m not sure is a right place to put that kind of topic :expressionless:
The problem is…
My fiancée just bought a SketchUp Pro 2019. We install the software on shared PC.
And I just wonder Can I make a 3D models on this software and upload them on 3d Warehause as mine and try to make money from them?

Thanks for any aswers :slight_smile:

With the pro license it is OK to create models to sell however there’s currently no facility for selling your models through the Warehouse. There are sitess that will host your models for a percentage of the fees, though.

Technically speaking your fiancée can use his/her version of pro to create and sell models, his/her license doesn’t allow you to.

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What if she gave me the copyrights of the models , what I created through her license anyway?

That’s not the same as you having the license. If you are going to sell your models, you need a license.

It sounds to me as if you need to study up on this stuff. She can’t give you copyrights and copyrights don’t apply here.

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Copyright isn’t at issue. A license is paid for and issued to a single user. If you wish to use Sketchup Commercially ‘you’ need a license.
But this is all subject to the eula which you and your lawyer should read and make a determination on.
Nobody here will even give you a definitive answer, those of us that don’t work for the company don’t know the answer and those that do work for the company can’t give you an answer.


How do I know a model was made on a SU Pro license?

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