Can i use sketchup models in larger 3d models that i sell?

So I sell custom built models in other 3d modelling software to sell to people that request stuff, in this case on fiverr, would i be allowed to sell these tracks using models that i find on sketchup?
Sorry if i sent this in the wrong spot by the way.


the best answer we can give you is to read the terms of service and consult a local lawyer. there are things you are allowed to do with a pro licence.

You profile says you have a school licence. it is made to learn to model and make personal project, not for a commercial use.

so read the terms of service, go pro, ask an actual lawyer.
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I would add that the 3D warehouse is full of user built models. To “use” those models to create your own sellable product is somewhat dubious in nature. It’s walking a very thin line of copyright violation, even though most people put their models there to be used by the community.

To eliminate that, you could inquire with each person about their models and see if they are ok with you using the model to build a version on another software to sell. Maybe a small payoff to them for usage as well?

Beside any legal issues you can or can’t have, selling something that was made by other person knowing that this person made it for free is something morally wrong, imagine you donate clothes and groceries to a shelter, and you found out latter that the people who manage it have been selling the donations, this is an extreme example but the idea is the same.