Sketchup for commercial use?


I am having a question regarding Sketchup 8 pro for commercial use.

I am currently working for a developer. We are trying to develop a farm land.
My job is to create a vision (whats going to be there, etc) and I am downloading and using models from 3D warehouse in the design (hotel, restaurant, school, etc).

  1. we are not selling those models (designs) individually. We just want to use this model to enhance the sense of place and attract potential clients into our land.
  2. We have the sketchup 8 pro licence.

is this going to get us into trouble? since most of the models we use are from 3D warehouse made by other people.

Thank you for your help.


Hello! Have a look at the 3D Warehouse Terms of Use and the FAQ section as well. Here are the links:

  1. 3D Warehouse Terms of Use

  2. FAQ Section


Thank you for your reply.
I did. but I am still confused about it.
It would be great if someone with experience can answer me.

Thank you again.


If these 3dWH components are ‘entourage’, and are part of a ‘combined work’ -
that is you have made most of the main model and these other bits are subsidiary frippery, then I think under the ToS it’s OK…
BUT you need a lawyer’s advice to be certain…
But remember… ask three lawyers and you’ll probably get four opinions !


haha. Thank you so much