Copyright and IP on 3D warehouse models

Hello, Can anyone answer this, Regarding IP and copyrights, can models from the 3D warehouse be downloaded and modified then exported in 2D for use in a logo I am making? Are there any protected items in the 3D warehouse or are we free to use and modify them as we see fit? sorry if this seems a silly question, just trying to stay out of trouble!

Probably best to read the Terms of Use and if there’s any question, seek legal counsel. No one here can give you an official opinion on this. The Sketchup staff aren’t permitted to interpret this stuff.

Thanks for your response Dave. I have read the terms, but they only confused me to the degree that I had to ask here. It seems I won’t find a definitive answer. I was trying to save time by using the warehouse as I thought it was intended. It looks like the only way to be sure is create your own work from scratch! Thanks anyway.

No one here is qualified to give a leaglly binding opinion. As I wrote, SketchUp staff are not permitted to do so by the company.

That would be the safest approach. It’s one of a number of reasons I prefer to create my own work instead of relying on others.